What Do You Want To Know About Back Pain?

There may be a question you always wanted to ask, but didn’t want to look silly, or just didn’t know who to ask.

For example, we get asked questions like these almost every week:

  • Why do I get back pain?
  • Is it true that when you have back pain, it’s there for good?
  • What’s the difference between a chiropractor/osteopath/physio/specialist/GP, etc?
  • Should I exercise with back pain?
  • Does stress affect it?
  • If my mum has back pain, does that mean I’ll definitely have it?
  • Is yoga any good for back pain?

…the list could go on and on!


If you can spare literally 30 seconds to ask your question here, it would really help us with our research.


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Mike Cassidy-Hogg

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