A lot of headaches are related to your neck, and these are the ones Chiropractic can help.

Postural strain on the muscles, joints and nerves in the neck can cause headaches, even at the front of your head.

Some migraines are linked to irritated nerves in the neck too, so they can respond well to chiropractic care. We look at you as a whole person, as there may be other reasons you are getting headaches. Below are some common causes of headaches:


Remember this is not a diagnostic, but gives you an idea of the different causes of pain


You’ve heard it all before, drink some water because it’s good for you. It really does make sense though, especially if you’re rushing around all day. Think of it as bathing your brain in pure, detoxifying, cooling water. To create a new habit you just need to have a visual trigger to remind you, like a bottle of water in your bag or a glass sitting in the kitchen. Do it for 21 days and it’ll become second nature.

Low blood sugar

If you live on sugary snack bars (even ones claiming to be nutritious) then it’s likely your blood sugar goes up and down like a rollercoaster. The crashes can cause food cravings, low energy and headaches. Making an effort to have a good source of protein at every meal helps your body repair and also minimises those cravings for instant energy. Even though mornings can be chaos, a couple of eggs however you like them can have a great impact on the rest of the day.


Easier said than done! It’s not what’s around us but how we deal with it that matters, so they say. Time to yourself can be a rare luxury, but prioritising “me-time” makes you more effective at everything else you do, not to mention more relaxed and more fun to be around. Walking is a great stress-buster, even 20 minutes a day can be enough. Yoga, pilates, art, music, meditation, the gym, writing thoughts down, and even knitting are some ways people choose to de-stress Learning to delegate and to say no is also an invaluable skill which can help free up some time. It’s important to put yourself first sometimes.