Osteopaths Wanted!

We’re rebranding, and we’re looking to employ 2 Osteopaths.


Align Doctors of Chiropractic will soon become Align Human Tuning. The new website is under construction as we speak, so don’t let the current name put you off!

The change of name signifies a new exciting direction for the practice. Our core belief is that human beings are the most beautiful, sophisticated machines on the planet; and like any machine, we function best when we’re properly tuned.

We’re also bringing in more services to help people enjoy good health and vitality in a much broader sense.

And one of the key changes we’re making is introducing Osteopathy.

When people ask me (as they always do) what the difference is between the two professions, my answer is always the same:

I believe the qualities of the individual practitioner are far more important than what they call themselves.

Different health professions can work really well together, if we share the same intention of keeping people well.


So if you’re a newly qualified osteopath, or been out for a couple of years and looking for a change, please get in touch!

We can offer you a full time, employed position in our busy practice near Brighton. You’ll receive coaching and support to help you get where you want to go in your career. Plus you’ll get to work in a multidisciplinary team, learn new skills and build on your existing ones.


If you want to know more, just drop us an email: info@align.org.uk. Or give us a call on 01273 870010. We’ll invite you down to come and meet us and find out more about what we can offer.


Your in health



Michael Cassidy-Hogg DC

Clinic Director, Align Human Tuning

TEXTING NECK!… a 21st Century Problem!


And we thought the PC generation was bad! Now we are seeing a new postural problem:

Emerging….the texting neck! Everyone who has a child with a phone will understand this phenomenom. The moment they get a phone, they stop looking around at the world and spend hours looking down at their phones in their hands. Texting, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat….your new way of communicating. But let’s not be too judgemental, we all seem to be at it. Just look around you in a restaurant, or on a train or along the high street. We are all glued to our phones. This is an extreme postural change in the making. Do you know that your head weighs approximately 5kg? How long can you stand holding a 5kg weight close to your body? Quite a long time probably. Now try stand while holding the 5kg weight out in front of you. Not quite so easy this time. This is what is happening to us when we are regularly texting with our head bent forward. We are giving ourselves a forward head posture. Now, instead of the head balancing nicely on the the spine, it is practically being held on by the neck muscles. This places extreme strain on the muscles and joints of the neck and can cause cervicogenic headaches, neck pain and even neurological deficits such as pins and needles or numbness down the arms.
Start making changes now so you don’t get a TEXTING NECK!