The Align Apprenticeship Programme

What do you want in life?

You may be a new chiropractic graduate.

Or perhaps you’ve been working for a couple of years and aren’t satisfied.

Your experiences now will influence the rest of your career.

Our Apprenticeship Programme helps you get what you want from your career, by aligning your development and education with your values and goals.

If you don’t have any goals, don’t worry, we help you with those too.

Here’s some of what’s involved:

  • A full time employed position
    • You’re part of a thriving team (not stuck in a room and left to figure it out)
  • Building a busy patient community
    • Learn how to build your client base and give your patients an exceptional experience
  • Structured career progression
    • Work your way up as you gain experience, confidence and responsibility
  • Learn business skills and how to actually run a practice, if you want to
    • Things that most colleges and jobs don’t teach you.


  • An amazing social life (after all, it’s Brighton!)
  • A vibrant centre with onsite x-ray facilities & massage therapists
  • Mentoring from an experienced, inspiring chiropractor
  • Develop excellent communication skills, including public speaking
  • Constant support with technique, difficult cases & problem solving

If any of this sounds like what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

                                                         Dr Mike Cassidy-Hogg, Principal Chiropractor CEO Align

“We’re a creative & expanding Chiropractic team,

helping you stay strong & free

…like you’re meant to be!


We Revive, Inspire & Fortify

the people we touch

in a culture of gratitude and possibility”

Fancy a Freebie?

If you need help deciding your career direction, download our free 4 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS pdf.


Before we hold a formal interview, we invite you to come and meet us, get a feel for the practice, and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

We may even buy you lunch

Please send your application to our Practice Manager Jess, with a brief email telling us why we’d be mad not to consider you.

More about Dr Mike

I’ve always loved teaching. In 2004 I graduated as a Chiropractor from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, and started my first chiropractic job in Crawley, West Sussex.

My mentor was an ‘old school’ chiropractor from New Zealand, Dr Duncan Hales, who graduated from Palmer College – the place where chiropractic originated – in the ‘70s and once played for the All Blacks. He could adjust a brick wall! He helped me build a solid foundation of adjusting techniques, focussed on mastering the basics and simple, clear communication.

I was also immersed in CBP (Clinical Biomechanics of Posture), which focuses on identifying ideal spinal alignment and correcting problems.

This was a great start, but by 2008 I was getting itchy feet, and wanted a change. My big chance came along when I was offered the opportunity to buy my own practice from a chiropractor who was emigrating, the now famous Dr Paula Moore a.k.a. The Posture Doctor.

It also meant moving to Brighton, which was the best decision of my life.

After a year I took on the role of Business Owner, which I was completely unprepared for. (If anyone tells you it’s easy to run your own business without being shown how, they’ve never tried it.)

I made a lot of mistakes, learnt many many lessons, and worked myself to the bone. Along the way I took many courses, read a lot of books and learnt many new skills, in my quest to get it right.

Eventually I was introduced to Jo and Steve Davison of Crack It and Blue Cow fame and they changed my life. Their coaching, support and wealth of knowledge helped me bring all the lessons, insight and experiences I’ve had and distill them into a system that I use to change people’s lives. And not just our patients.

Now I love to share this with the right people. It’s called The Align Apprenticeship Programme.