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“Stay strong & free, like you’re meant to be!”

Your body is there so you can enjoy your life – not to hold you back.

We have helped thousands of people, of all ages and professions, to get out of pain and feel better.

Most people who come to us have at least one of these symptoms:


Many have had the problem for years, and tried other things but not found the relief they need.

Our success is down to our understanding of how the body works, and addressing the root-cause as much as possible. That’s how we get results that last.

So, although we’re experts on bones, muscles and movement, what we’re really about at Align is keeping you strong & free, like you’re meant to be!


If you have back pain right now, please help yourself to our free comprehensive report:

‘The Professionals’ Tricks To

Beating Back Pain Quickly’

It’s the product of 13 years’ clinical experience and helping 1000’s of clients. And it could just change your life! The report includes:

  • An emergency guide for when you hurt your back
  • Which ‘type‘ of back pain do you have?
  • Dos & Don’ts to feel better faster
  • Good and bad exercise choices
  • Nutritional advice
  • Advanced Level Top Tips: to heal quicker and avoid relapses
  • Links to additional resources & recommended products
  • …and much more!


We are fully qualified Doctors of Chiropractic and are insured and registered with the General Chiropractic Council.

Our massage therapists are also highly qualified and insured.

– And we have free easy parking (a very rare thing around Brighton!) – 


We help keep your body working well, so you can enjoy your life whether you want to run a marathon, or simply get out of your chair without pain.

And we recognise that your spine is central to your health, because it affects everything else through your nervous system.

Although people usually come to us with aches and pains, most of our clients like to come in for periodic ‘tune-ups’ to help them stay in good shape.

We specialise in skilled hands-on techniques called adjustments, and often include other therapies like Western acupuncture and massage, to help get the best results.

And we can also give you nutrition, exercise and posture advice.


Ask for a Free Back Check.

It’s a 15-minute no-obligation appointment, so we can get an idea of what’s going on, and if we’re right for each other.

We’ll listen to you, do a posture assessment and simple movement tests. Then we’ll tell you what we’ve found, how we can help, and how you can help yourself.

It’s not a diagnosis – we need a full assessment for that – but yes, it’s free!


Meet our Team

Mike Cassidy-Hogg,

Doctor of Chiropractic

I badly hurt my back doing karate when I was 16. I struggled with sciatica and back pain until I discovered chiropractic, and was so impressed with the results that I decided  “That’s what I want to do with my life!”. I love the hands-on approach of this amazing profession. Being a chiropractor in Brighton I get to see the difference in people’s lives every day. Health is about enjoying your life without your body holding you back. I love kitesurfing and playing drums in my band. I’m also a qualified personal trainer. I live in Kemptown, and feel very grateful to live in this exciting and beautiful part of the world.

Molly Gyles,

Massage Therapist

Molly has recently joined Align as our professional massage therapist, and she is already making a lot of fans! Her expertise is in two types of massage therapy, depending what you need as an individual. Deep tissue massage is very effective for helping muscles that are always tight and knotty. She can either perform full body massage or focus on specific areas that need help, like your shoulders, legs or low back. Holistic massage is gentler and relaxing. The benefits of this type of massage are stress reduction, which is important for healing, and just feeling good! You can come and see Molly either as a massage client only, or you may be referred by Dr Mike for extra work on your muscles.


Practice Manager

I’m originally from Hollywood, California. I moved to Brighton in 2009 after graduating from University with a degree in Psychology. I’ve spent the last five years with Align- Doctors of Chiropractic. In that time, I’ve seen countless lives changed for the better with chiropractic care. I love being a part of the journey for our clients. I get to meet lovely people and help them on their voyage to becoming strong and free…like they’re meant to be! I can help with booking/rescheduling appointments, answering any questions you may have and discussing all your payment options. I’m here to help you stay on track with your plan of care so you get the best results. I’m also here to help with keep you on track with our Align Membership program. Just ask next time you see me!

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